The Bayou Fuels biorefinery is planned to be built at Natchez, Mississippi, USA

This location is ideal for many reasons, as this short video shows.

The site

The Belwood Industrial Park where the Bayou Fuels plant is planned is a flat greenfield site with existing utility supply. It has excellent access to rail, road and the Mississippi river. The Bayou Fuels plant will create renewable energy jobs for the area. It will have a substantial positive economic impact on the Natchez community.

Abundance of feedstock from forestry

The southeast United States has ample and growing Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) qualified feedstock. Pine plantation acreage has more than doubled since 1980 and woody biomass feedstock is abundant. This feedstock consists of forestry waste such as wood chips, slash and first thinnings that would otherwise be underutilised or left on the ground to rot.