Velocys launches Bayou Fuels

5 Oct 2021

New branding and website is announced for the Bayou Fuels reference project in the USA

Velocys has today launched a website for the Bayou Fuels reference project that will use Velocys FT technology to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from waste woody biomass. This fuel will have an overall negative carbon impact through the use of renewable power and carbon capture and storage (CCS), which sequesters underground the carbon dioxide that is produced as a by-product of the waste-to-fuel process.

The new Bayou Fuels website is now online – – and shows the scale and benefits of the project, which will be located in Natchez, Mississippi. It highlights the important role for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in reaching targets for emissions reduction and ultimately net zero. Plans for the facility and Velocys’ integrated technology are demonstrated. The website provides summary information on this first-of-its-kind facility.

The Bayou Fuels brand includes a trademarked name and logo as well as a dedicated colour palette to reflect its individual identity. The launch recognises the significant progress of the project along with political strides forward at federal and state level.

The Bayou Fuels plant will enable the commercial-scale production of negative-carbon liquid fuels to help deliver net zero carbon aviation by 2050. Once operational, the plant will have a nameplate capacity of 25 million gallons per annum of negative carbon intensity SAF which can be blended with conventional Jet A to deliver net zero fuel to airlines.

The project has received noteworthy local support in Mississippi, with the Mayor of Natchez, Dan Gibson, calling the project ‘historic’. Chandler Ross, Executive Director of local development support organisation, Natchez Inc, commented, “This is a huge opportunity for us and the benefit to the county is more than $1 billion of capital outlay to the site”.

This local endorsement mirrors the significant federal support for the development of a domestic SAF industry in the United States. The Biden White House recently committed to producing billions of gallons of SAF to reduce aviation emissions of greenhouse gases. The White House briefing paper cited Velocys as a project that will “help us achieve our 2030 goals”.

Other federal initiatives include the launch of a new Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge to inspire a dramatic increase in the production of SAF to at least 3 billion gallons per year by 2030 and providing financial support for SAF projects and fuel producers totalling up to $4.3 billion alongside ongoing funding opportunities.

Velocys has welcomed these developments and recognises the prime position of the Bayou Fuels project to meet SAF demand and net zero goals in the USA. The new Bayou Fuels website and brand will help drive future growth in this initiative.